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First Australians Futures: An Update from the First Australians Digitisation Fund

With support from, six months on the First Australians Digitisation Fund continues towards its goal of improving the education, employment and health outcomes of First Nations people across the country. The four participating non-profit organisations - KARI Foundation, Stars Foundation, Indigitek and Clontarf Foundation - are designing and, in one case, implementing, tech programs across the country.

Indigitek is using this pilot program to help decide how to scale up and scale out; to create paths towards dream careers in STEM. “All indications point to exceeding outcomes. The higher than expected (and designed for) engagement across all ages, teachers and principles is incredible and other non-school based community possibilities have already arisen,” says Ben Armstrong, Indigitek CEO.

Data safety is key to any data management system (DMS). Clontarf Foundation is hopeful to begin testing the automation of collecting, formatting and uploading critical third party data into their own DMS. “The impact of our program will be felt by the boys in increased available time with our Clontarf Academy staff because we will remove their requirement to gather data on the boys,” says Clontarf CFO, Jane Conder.

Proud Wiradjuri woman, Anna Gannon, has hit the ground running as KARI Foundation’s new program manager. Taking part in her first capacity building session as part of the program “was a great way to join the group; extremely informative and insightful,” she says. Next up, Anna will join our field experts from Atlassian and Origin Foundation in 1:1 sessions to help guide the development of KARI’s mental health and wellbeing app.

The Stars Foundation is meeting with several networking and community software providers to build their culturally appropriate alumni engagement platform. “We now have identified the key features and functionalities that we require in our tech. We feel we have a much better understanding of what is possible and realistic,” says Stars CEO, Andrea Goddard. Close to making a final decision on the best way forward, the organisation is eager to begin testing to create active networks towards employment and further education for their graduates.

As part of the program, our FADF organisations came together on Friday 14 October for Capacity Building Session 3 to connect with experts. They heard from Dr. Marika Kieferova at Google on the Future Of Tech, Danny Jakitsadaparp from Atlassian on Program Management and John Hutchinson on the Power of Storytelling in a Corporate Setting.

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