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INCO Incubators supports non-profit organisations using technology to tackle inequities and solve challenges in communities across Australia.

The INCO First Australians Digitisation Fund empowers non-profit organisations innovating to improve positive outcomes for First Nations communities.

Participating organisations gain knowledge on how to design, build, test and implement a new technology or digital solution that they have determined further supports their beneficiaries.


In addition to technical expertise and mentoring, the organisations are provided with grant funding to turn their idea into reality to help them positively impact education, health and employment outcomes of First Nations peoples across the country.


Funding and capacity building empowers our non-profit organisations to innovate and develop new programs and solutions that might otherwise be beyond reach.

Noarlunga South Australia

INCO First Australians Digitisation Fund 

  • 4 x non-profit organisations

  • 9 months of acceleration 

  • 10,000 First Australians reached

The INCO First Australians Digitisation Fund aims to empower nonprofits working toward closing the gap for First Nations Australians. With a focus on health, employment, education and social justice, non-profit organisations will use technology to promote greater equity and inclusion; to reach and impact communities in regional and rural areas across Australia.

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