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A skilled and bright group ready for the world of tech!

Accenture Australia and INCO Australia teamed up this year to equip people with skills so they can enter the fascinating world of technology and digital.

Over 100 people enrolled to take part in our bootcamp course, Get into Tech, to gain clarity on where tech could take them as they enter tech for the first time or transition into tech from another career path or in some cases from parental duties.

Over the four week course, participants learnt about Digital Marketing, UX Design, Data Analytics, Green Tech, Coding and Web Development through our dedicated facilitator Natalia Bornay, 1:1 Coaching, presentations from experts in their field and by supporting and learning from each other.

To ensure all graduates would succeed in the world of work, they delved into soft skills and employability skills that are compatible with the tech skills being taught. Through group and individual work, participants were able to role-play job interviews, review and/or write a resume and cover letter, and learn more about networking, feedback and communication.

Participants also used the Accenture-built Skills to Succeed Academy which supports people to choose the right career and build key employability skills to find and keep a job. With over 50 online modules on employability and digital topics, the Academy is available to all learners during and after the course as they continue their career plans.

Accenture Australia and INCO Australia formed a wonderful collaboration with organisations that included Origin Energy Foundation, Fujitsu, Aon and Mirvac who contributed with employees who volunteered as Coaches and by reviewing resumes of graduates to determine employment opportunities.

INCO Australia sincerely thanks Accenture for a wonderful year where we delivered five Get into Tech courses, graduated 66 people from the course with over 50 hours of training and involved 21 people as volunteer coaches; demonstrating a true community partnership.

So far 23 people have so far found a job in tech. We wish all of the graduates the very best for a bright tech future!

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