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Our 5-week Get Into Tech course is a fully funded online course designed to get you on your way to your first role in the booming Australian tech industry.

Explore career paths in tech including: web development, digital marketing, SEO and web design. Connect with like minds while developing marketable hands-on skills and strengthening your soft skills.

Next Intake

June 7th

Unlocking online job opportunities for all

2020 has caused a rapid shift in teleworking opportunities worldwide. With an increased hiring pool, reduced real estate costs, and a safer work environment, CEOs now view telework as a viable option for their employees with a third of employed Australians now working remotely.

Our tech courses specialize in areas that offer a pathway into a career where the opportunities for freelancing or online jobs are high and the average salary is $80,000.

Find your place in tech

Get to know the highest demand careers in the Australian tech industry while understanding which paths are the best fit for you.

Build technical & soft skills

Develop marketable hard and soft skills through our interactive live classes and hands-on projects designed under the guidance of industry professionals.

Get exclusive job opportunities

Plug in to our ever growing network of tech companies looking for both experience and junior talent to power their growth.

Hard skills


01. Web development

02. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers are master strategists who use e-commerce channels to sell products.

Develop a marketing strategy from scratch and perform market research.

Digital marketers come from a variety of vocations including sales, writing, film & media, data analytics, and more!

Learn how to persuade customers to purchase a product.

SEO specialists are rapidly becoming highly sought-after Digital Marketing professionals.

Learn about the technical aspects of SEO and how you can apply it to your website.

Predicted to be one of the most rapidly growing careers of the next decade.

Learn how to rank on Google search making you a desirable employee for startups or multinational companies.

04. Web Design

03. Search Engine Optimisation

Web Designers understand what makes a website look, and work efficiently.

Make a style guide for your site and get feedback from mentors and peers.

Web Designers come from a range of backgrounds, both technical and creative.

They are specialists at designing and refining websites that are optimized for sales, making them an asset to any company.

With an average salary of $120,000, Web Developers are in high-demand post 2020.

Learn Wordpress, HTML & CSS and use these skills to build a personal website.

Developers are professional problem solvers and are essential to any business with a digital presence.

They work on a range of dynamic projects including building and maintaining websites and apps.

Soft skills


01. Networking

Build your network by connecting with our community of specialized experts.

Connect with a class of like-minded aspiring tech professionals.

Many hiring managers gloss over CVs before moving straight to a prospective employee’s LinkedIn.

We’ll help get you started with a pool of contacts and connections.

02. Job hunting

Participate in interview practice workshops with your peers.

Learn to promote yourself better through your CV and interview skills.

Stop wasting time sending out 100’s of CV’s, only to get knocked back by being unprepared.

Our goal is to help you alleviate that feeling of dread when attending your first interview.

03. Communication

Develop essential presenting skills for the tech workplace.

Learn to become a more confident and persuasive communicator.

Communication is the most important skill required to get hired in a tech job.

CEOs and Managers have all mastered the skill of communicating, you should too!

04. Teamwork

Participate in our week-long Capstone project with your fellow peers.

​Learn and practice essential tech industry skills to apply to the Australian job sector.

Hiring managers highly value professionals capable of working in a team.

Build up your portfolio with projects that require teamwork and collaboration.

Key Info

Start date: June 7th

Length: 5 weeks

Commitment: 2 days/week + several study hours

Cost: Fully funded scholarships

I'm ready to start my career in tech!

Our Process


Apply to Your Chosen Course

We only require a name, number and email address

(2 Minutes)


Attend One of Our Info Sessions

We will send you an email with the time and date of the info session which will highlight the details of the course. Don't worry this isn't an interview, the info session usually has around 50-60 people attending

(30 Minutes)

Complete an Application Form

This form will be emailed to you after attending the info session to determine if you are eligible to participate in the course

(5-10 Minutes)


Confirm Attendance Via Email

Should you be successful, you will receive a scholarship offer in your email inbox

(1 Minute)

Meet the team

passport pic adi ac.JPG

Adelide Mutinda

Head of INCO Academy Australia


CJ Tayeh

Lead Instructor


Amelia Lim

Program Coordinator


Meghana Sharan

Junior Growth Marketer


Andrew Goh

National Partnerships Manager


Jerome Ferdinands

UX Expert


Nick Brogden

SEO Expert


Aliaksei Kuncevic

Google Developer Expert

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Get Into Tech student


Get Into Tech student


Get Into Tech student


Get Into Tech student


Get Into Tech student


Get Into Tech student

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