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How I Bring My Imagination to Life in IT

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Being in IT allows Bhagyashree Shakrawar to see her imagination come to life. With a background in computer science and a passion for coding, she enrolled in INCO Academy’s INCODE program to upskill her tech talent and re-enter the workforce.

Following a 10-year career break, Bhagyashree Shakrawar decided to continue her education through bootcamps and short courses as an alternative to university. After attending a few courses across Australia, she decided INCO Academy’s hands-on learning approach and community-focus was most suitable for her needs, with the fully-funded program allowing her to connect with like-minded people.

“When I started re-learning to code there was almost nobody around to ask for help. But INCO

Academy gave me a group of enthusiastic individuals (and a mentor) who were passionate about coding. And very soon, we started reaching out to each other, to solve a bigger challenge, together” she says.

Being able to experience ‘a day in the life of a developer’ through hands-on experience was

rewarding and helped to boost her confidence to solve any programming issue. “I like challenges and in coding there is always a new challenge, where you can get stuck and find a solution,” she says.

During the course, Bhagyashree received a job offer working with a global IT company where she is now learning how automation tests can solve client pain points. But, it’s not only her technical skills that helped to secure her new pathway. With placements support and interview prep, “INCO Academy helped me to answer interview questions, while also boosting my confidence.”

Looking into the future, Bhagyashree is eager to continue to use her coding skill set to help clients solve their digital challenges. “There is always something new happening in the IT world: a new language, a new framework, a new library.”

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